Hey, I’m Christian

I graduated from McGill University with a double major in Philosophy & Physics eventually moving on to work as a AI-focused Data Scientist in Defense. I’m the former Head of Partnerships for Saddle Finance, but have since moved on to start a new protocol called Event Horizon as Co-founder and President. Our primary aim is to decentralize the governance space by giving voting multiples to active governance participants using yield farmers’ tokens. Career aside, I love playing blues rock guitar, lifting, and thinking out loud.

I like to view the worldview I’m building as more of a hobby than a necessity for living life. It’d be great if the way I live and the philosophical foundation I’m building here could one day meet in the middle, but I won’t let that stop me from living in the meantime. Cashing our what I believe is what this site is for. The goal is ultimately to piece together a coherent worldview about what is and what ought to be, from the ground up.

I love meeting new people! Reach out to me @CXGonzalez on Twitter, TG, and Discord or set up a video call here.

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