What is morality, rationality?

What to expectThe overwhelming majority of the time we act on auto-pilot. We run through the motions without having to think about what to do next. But the world isn’t simple, not for us at least. Often times we are kicked out of auto-pilot and are faced with dilemmas: what do I do next? InContinue reading “What is morality, rationality?”

Is Crypto Valuable? A First Principles Approach

“Crypto isn’t intrinsically valuable.” We’ve all heard it before. But what is intrinsically valuable in the first place, economically speaking? I’m confident very few people have actually thought this through. This is a shame because the single most fundamentally important concept any investor should clarify for themselves is this: just what is economic value? ThisContinue reading “Is Crypto Valuable? A First Principles Approach”

Why I’m not a Bitcoin maximalist

I recently had a friendly exchange with @RadagastTBrown on my Twitter account. Radagast is a Bitcoin maximalist. He used to buy into the promise of smart chains like Ethereum in the past, but after several ETH2 delays he’s consolidated his faith into Bitcoin as the end all be all crypto. Radagast is a smart, level-headedContinue reading “Why I’m not a Bitcoin maximalist”

Holding ETH While Farming UST on Anchor Protocol

So you want to keep your exposure to ETH as an asset but Anchor protocol’s 19.5% APY is too hard to pass up? Thankfully you can have the best of both worlds! To start, let’s assume you have some ETH in your Metamask. The first thing you need to do is go to Lido toContinue reading “Holding ETH While Farming UST on Anchor Protocol”

We’ve been thinking about morality wrong

In the last post we established that the First Question is ‘what should I do?’ and that in order to answer it we first needed to understand the central word ‘should’. Doing that will take some groundwork to first be laid. How are we to determine which understanding of ‘should’ we should operate with? What’sContinue reading “We’ve been thinking about morality wrong”

Utilitarianism is silly and you all need to cut it out

What is utilitarianism? Ah utilitarianism. The favorite moral theory of autists and engineers everywhere. Try as philosophers might, the theory just won’t go away. It’s been called Machiavellian, sociopathic, toddler socialist math, and worse yet. But what is utilitarianism exactly? One model I like for thinking about morality breaks it down into two sub-theories. There’sContinue reading “Utilitarianism is silly and you all need to cut it out”