On what matters

How to act

Essays explaining what we have most reason to do in our lives.

Each chapter can be read alone, but there’s a logical progression when read in order.

The First Question

You want to build your web of beliefs from the ground up, but where do you start? The First Question is the entry point for any introspective mind wanting to create a firm foundation for their beliefs.

We’ve been thinking about morality wrong

The First Question leads us to consider what normativity is broadly, and morality specifically are. How are we to think about these thorny topics? I can tell you how definitely not to think about it.

Utilitarianism is silly and you all need to cut it out

Why is utilitarianism so attractive for STEM-lords in particular? Why haven’t philosophers been able to dispose of it? Here I answer those questions and argue the (subtle) reason utilitarianism is wrong. Best part? It has nothing to do with intuitions!

What is morality, rationality?

What is morality? How is it different than rationality? Why does any of this matter?

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